Folk high school year for youth of compulsory education age

Folk high schools offer one year long study programme for young people after basic education. The study programme: folk high school year for youth of compulsory education age is based on Finnish National Agency for Education’s national core curriculum.

Who is the study programme for?

The study programme is meant for students after basic education and the goal is to prepare them for upper secondary level and help them find their own path in life.

The study programme’s objective is to strengthen students’ learning skills and readiness to pursue studies in the upper secondary level. The studies also support the students in planning their own life. Studies in a folk high school offer students the possibility to grow towards their full potential and create a base for lifelong learning. In the study programme, every student gets their own personal competence development plan (PCDP). The goal of the folk high school year is that the student continues studies in general upper secondary education or vocational education.

Contents of the study programme

The studies comprise of compulsory and optional studies. The compulsory studies include working on everyday skills and life management, studying-, self-knowledge- and working life skills, interaction skills and basic mathematical knowledge. The optional studies can include for example music, theatre, media, sports and health.

Practical information

Students can live in the folk high school during the education. Studying, meals and living are free of charge for students in compulsory education age.

You can apply to Folk high school year through the joint application system which takes place in February-March via Studyinfo. You can apply also through continuous application, flexibly all year round. You can find the folk high school year for youth of compulsory education age- study programmes in the search engine (in Finnish).