Immigrant education at folk high schools

Folk high schools offer diverse education for immigrants. If you are an immigrant, you can also apply to all the main study programmes when you have started to learn Finnish or Swedish.

Study programmes especially aimed at immigrants:

  • basic education for adults, including the introductory phase and the final phase
  • self-motivated integration studies within liberal education such as literacy training, and Finnish or Swedish language and culture
  • preparatory studies for working life
  • instructional preparing for higher education
  • other study programmes for immigrants

What can you study?

The selection of study programmes aimed at immigrants is broad and diverse. There is something for everyone who want to supplement their know-how. Folk high schools also offer study programmes that are especially aimed at specific immigrant groups such as young immigrants or immigrants preparing for the national certificate of language proficiency, who especially want to get to know Christianity or take summer courses. Folk high schools also offer study programmes that emphasize working life competence or entrepreneurship for immigrants.

Practical information

It is possible to stay at the dorms during your studies at a folk high school. Studies, living in a dorm and meals are free during school days for students taking part in basic education for adults. Studies, living and meals are also free if your study programme is part of liberal education and the studies are a part of your integration plan approved by the employment office (TE-toimisto) or the municipality. In this case the study programme must also be completed during the integration period.

Immigrants who have exceeded the integration period also have the chance to get study vouchers that rebate tuition fees or make studies completely free. You can also get unemployment benefits for your studies. Unemployment benefits are discretionary. You need to contact the employment office (TE-toimisto) well before your studies begin in order to check your eligibility for benefits.

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